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Includes handmade lyric sheet. 
Highly recommended. 

Banshee are a new Boston area group comprised of folks from Male Nurses, Bombers, and Combat Zone. While you might expect another ruling hardcorepunk record given their collective pedigree, you'd be completely wrong in this case. Instead, Banshee hone in on a psychedelic punk sound that really strikes true on Caw! There's definitely a rugged, 70's Detroit element behind it all, and I'm sure you could even call parts of this protopunk, but Banshee succeed in mixing that harder rock sound with psychedelia - a rare feat indeed. Coupled with the excellent production throughout, Banshee have done quite the bang-up job on this LP. It's psychedelic without being over the top, punk without burying the energy underneath a cloud of effects, and never gets stuck in the dreaded "jam" that makes so much manufactured, contemporary psych rock boring. Should be easy to file this one alongside your Vee Dee and Puffy Areolas LPs.

"Caw! is the debut album of Boston psychedelic rock’n’roll punks Banshee – featuring members of fan favorites Male Nurses and Savageheads as well as the underrated Bombers. The self-released album opens with a burst of psychedelic noise clatter, setting the stage for most of what is to come. The galloping drums oscillate between punk and rock’n’roll. Coupled with the swirling solos and the murky howled vocals – which often break into full-on banshee shriek – they build an atmosphere of quasi-blues hard rock by way of MC5. While The 13th Floor Elevators and Red Krayola immediately come to mind, the psychedelic rock feels more at home with the off-kilter sounds of 70s Detroit – Destroy All Monsters, for instance." - Boston Hassle

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