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CAVE - Threace LP

Drag City

CAVE - Threace LP

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Highly recommended. 

As anyone who heard Neverendless will expect, this album is jam packed with steady, Can-esque repeato grooves, trance-inducing guitar patterns and meditative organ drones, a simple, sun-kissed krautrock recipe which will have the Neu fans reaching for their wallets. It’s all mid-paced and hypnotic stuff, but varied too, from crunchy staccato distorto-riffs to the puttering spiritual-jazz-influenced ‘Arrow’s Myth’ and flute-laden afrobeat dance-fest ‘Shikaakwa’ and closing Carlton Melton-ish slow-burner ‘Slow Bern’.

Hypnotic kraut influenced repeato-psych seems to be big business nowadays but Cave are one of the bands at the forefront of this current resurgence, along with the likes of Mugstar, Moon Duo and the aforementioned CM. The move away from fuzzy stoner-psych they showed on ‘Neverendless’ continues here but the territory into which they’re moving is colourful and ever-changing. 

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