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DERELICTS - Life Of Strife LP

Digital Warfare

DERELICTS - Life Of Strife LP

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Highly recommended.

27 minutes. 15 songs (and in fairness, I use the word “song” in an extremely loose sense) of nihilism, violence, hatred and volume. The Derelicts deliver punk fueled with alcohol and hate reminiscent of the Dead Boys, G.B.H., Dwarves, Zeke, and the Supersuckers. 

This is what The Derelicts say about Life Of Strife. It may help. “This is the Derelicts first release in 25 years. The band is a solid unit cranking out some of the best punk since the ’80s. This album has five new songs and a sprinkling of the best songs from past 7″ releases. It is fierce and in your face.” 

That passage misses one key thing out. The drummer in The Derelicts is Donny Paycheck. He’s the drummer in Zeke. And if you think they’re nasty (they are) then they are like afternoon tea with a great Aunt compared to the outright belligerence here. 

I have no idea which are the new songs and which aren’t. To be frank, I don’t care much either. What I know is sometimes you need some laser guided rage in your life of strife, and The Derelicts absolutely kill it.

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