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Born Yesterday


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Includes d/l code. 
Limited to 300 copies only. 
Inner sleeve with lyrics. Damaged sleeves with corner ding.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld. 

Superb album from these Massachusetts 5-piece, each doing one repetitive part on their instrument but in unison. The combination results in something akin to Circle Jerks, Flag or Minutemen playing that bass-heavy repetitive sound favoured by Shellac or My Disco. Hell, there's even some Spray Paint in there!

Get all the way near the end for the brilliant "Progress Bar" !!

Landowner is an abrasively-clean minimalist-punk quintet from western Massachusetts. The band began as the solo project of Dan Shaw in 2016, and has expanded into a full band comprised of Josh Owsley on bass, Jeff Gilmartin and Elliot Hughes on guitars, Josh Daniel on drums, and Dan Shaw on vocals.

"My favorite post-punk album of the year. The repetitions, lyrics, tones, grooves, and snark make this album the audio equivalent of an anxiety attack."
"Landowner play a monotone kind of Post-Punk with good lyrics and sometimes make me think of the good old Dead Kennedys..."
"the kids all have a blank stare. from smoking dope? nope. from staring at the PROGRESS BAR!"
- Bandcamp comments

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