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LEA BERTUCCI - Resonant Field LP

NNA Tapes

LEA BERTUCCI - Resonant Field LP

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Includes d/l code. 
Screen printed sleeve and insert. 
Highly recommended. 

Brand new full-length from New York-based sound artist and composer Lea Bertucci. Following up her critically acclaimed 2018 NNA full-length Metal Aether, Lea continues her devotion to the exploration of physical spaces by way of sound, channeled through her alto saxophone. Where her previous work investigated a variety of locations around the globe, Resonant Field narrows her focus to one space in particular - the Marine A Grain Elevator at Silo City in Buffalo, New York.

Using her horn, Lea intends to awaken certain resonances within the space, which have laid dormant and forgotten for decades. In this sense, Resonant Field is the documentation of an event, a humans profound personal interaction with an inanimate space through the medium of sound.

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