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PENANCE HALL - Covered In Shit 7"

Neck Chop

PENANCE HALL - Covered In Shit 7"

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NOLA neg-vibing courtesy of TRAMPOLINE TEAM’s MICHAEL HE-MAN and our righteous lord, GIORGIO MURDERER/BUCK BILOXI. Abandon hope all ye who enter PENANCE HALL, lest ye get “Covered In Shit”—a brilliant and heretofore nameless opera of waddling synth-punk sludge, neo-classic despite the impending end of life as we know it. “Take Me To The Bar Fight” goes positively subterranean, extolling the virtues of neon-lit violence and taking unnerving pleasure in the consequences. In total, a brisk work of frightful din, sure to peel the punkest of scabs. Grievous, thuggish and essential sounds. 

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