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Hands In The Dark


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Limited to 300 copies. SOLD OUT AT THE SOURCE.
Highly recommended. 

Considered to be one of the most distinctive creators of instrumental avant-garde music in the last decade. After a few records made in collaboration and under different monikers, the Warsaw-based musician gives us another idiosyncratic form of musical language and an exceptional original recording. His creative energy takes us on an entrancing tour around a collection of modern, cubic and art brut tunes, where architectural fantasies co-exist with humorous, colourful portraits. He creates shapes which are full of surprises and mystery.

With Polygome, Kurek goes against the grain of current trends in experimental electronica. This will undoubtedly be a one-off for the genre this year.

"A radical vision of what electronic music might be, maybe what it is, and the fruits born of swimming against the tide. Liquid, inky expanses modulating tonal ambience play against cycling, meditative notes, sculpting a totality which rides the razors edge of harmony and entering an outright battle with itself - the kind of restless, but bound, tension that so often makes great works of music great..."

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